Thursday, December 17, 2009

14-inch ASUS N81

Fashionable appearance and strong performance of ASUS N Series notebooks signs are also in this, the Asus A42-M6 battery have been popular with consumers today, Xiao Bian, I will introduce a model for the Asus N81E667VP-SL, 14-inch small - book, Infusion technology is its gorgeous appearance, while the Intel Core 2 Duo T6670 is it a strong heart.

Appearance, the ASUS N81E667VP-SL uses cutting-edge technologies, through the Infusion technology, not only to bring shell-like metallic luster, and more scratch-resistant wear. Rounded corner design adds a number of its affinity. Equipped with a resolution of 1366 * 768 14-inch LED-backlit display, display exquisite clarity, whether it is play games or enjoy the video are very good.

Configuration, the ASUS N81E667VP-SL uses Intel Core 2 Duo T6670 processor, application chipset Intel PM45 + ICH9M, equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 graphics card, the graphics processing to provide strong support, you can easily deal with the mainstream of big game; Standard 2GB RAM, 500GB hard drive and DVD burner.

In the interface, the ASUS N81E667VP-SL's configuration is also very rich, is equipped with five USB2.0 port, Express Card, Card Reader, 1 IEEE1394a, eSATA port, VGA port, HDMI port, SP / DIF interfaces, RJ11, RJ45, voice input, voice output hole, DC power jack, security keyhole.

Asus a42-a3 battery is a very good notebook products, the appearance looks charming elegance, performance, robust, T667 processor, HD 4650 discrete graphics so that it can easily cope with the strong configuration of complex large-scale graphics and mainstream games, whether it is the appearance and performance required to meet friends who are worthy of attention.

"Solid as a rock feature robust" ASUS Notebook

Asus notebooks in the consumer group has a good reputation, both in quality and performance have been, I am sure.

Asus C21-R2 battery is a versatile product. It has a silver body, its roof and palmrest are bright drawing cool designs, have a super metal texture and taste even more noble. Body size of 340 × 241 × 34.5-37.8mm, weight 2.39Kg, a 14.1-inch widescreen LED-backlight module design, a resolution of 1366 × 768. To provide users with a more broad-minded, at the same time more suitable for high-definition video playback, top of the screen also incorporates a web camera, user-friendly.

A42-w3 battery is equipped with AMD dual-core Athlon processors have 1.6GHz frequency NeoL335 and 512KB second-level cache, carrying on the AMDRS780 + SB710 chipset, standard 1GBDDR2 memory, 320GB hard drive, DVD burner and ATIMobilityRadeonHD4570 discrete graphics card. In addition to providing 3 USB2.0, VGA, RJ45, 1 group headphone output and microphone input interfaces. Built-in 10/100M Ethernet card and is equipped with 802.11b/g/n wireless card. Life context, which uses 6-cell lithium battery-powered, life time of up to 2-3 hours.

Brilliant LED-backlit screen, waterproof keyboard design. Can be set to switch machine, enter the BIOS and HDD password, Kensington keyhole. A rich interface to allow users to set the daily exchange of data has become more convenient, while the cool design will make it a more prominent personality, more quality, very suitable for young people to consider.

Asus EeePC This led the market access

Appearance: the Asus A32-A8 battery have a variety of colors for consumers to choose, what we see is a white model. Body has rounded edges, smooth lines, accompanied by Asus, "Infusion" craft, look simple and stylish. 10.2-inch screen with LED backlight screen, the display has a 16:9 ratio Resolution 1024 × 600, top of the screen Integrated 1.3 million pixel camera. Machine size 266 × 191 × 28-30mm, and weighs about 1.45Kg.

Configuration aspects: The Asus EeePC 1000HC using Intel Atom N280 processor (1.6GHz frequency, 512KB secondary cache, 533MHz front side bus), based on Intel 945GSE motherboard chipset, integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics core comes standard with 1GB DDR2 memory, 160GB hard drive, and pre-installed Linux operating system. Power Supply with 6-cell lithium battery, life time of the official nominal 7 hours.

Interface: the Asus a32-f3 battery offers three USB2.0 interface, a VGA video interface, a group of audio interface, a RJ45 interface and more than one Card Reader. 100Mbps network card, 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN and Bluetooth 2.0 module.

Asus EeePC 1000HC stylish, configure the mainstream, while the 6-cell lithium battery, bringing more sustainable life, interested friends may wish to look at the dealers.

Home Fashion portable ASUS UL80E

Bubble Mesh laptop Channel December 17 Asus A31-W5F battery is currently being hot-selling models, but also the more popular 14-inch notebook models.

ASUS UL80E73Vt-SL notebooks with Intel Core 2 Duo ULV SU7300 processor (1.3GHz frequency / 3072KB 2 cache / 800MHz bus frequency), Intel GS45 + ICH9M chipset, 2G RAM, 320G hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce G105M separate graphics card and Intel GMA 4500MHD integrated graphics, as well as a resolution of 1366 × 768 14-inch screen.

Interface, the ASUS UL80E73Vt-SL notebook is equipped with three USB 2.0 interface, 1 VGA, 1 Ge RJ45, 1 group headphone output and microphone input interface, Observing the reader.

Network, the ASUS notebook UL80E73Vt-SL provides a 10/100M Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n wireless network card, and built-in Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR module.

ASUS UL80E73Vt-SL notebook body size of 338 × 240 × 14-26.8mm, body weight ( a31-f9 battery) is 2.0Kg, the official nominal life time is about 12 hours, the specific time depending on the use of environment.

Asus Notebook UL80E have: "more powerful than the previous generation of computing processing power, all-day battery life, as well as thinner than 1 inch thin and light body," three characteristics.

ASUS notebook line of tender feelings of warmth

Snow white, silver bell-like melodies to create a warm and happy happy festive atmosphere. Christmas and New Year's Day holiday ... ... Come crowding together in preparation for what gifts Treat yourself to a year of hard? No favorite choice? Do not you know, Asus laptop had a variety of supply thereafter, "ho" ritual, poised at this sent thick for your winter warmth and surprises!

Thin thin fashion fairy tale America

In this colorful festival, carrying a thin the blossoms start to the romantic feelings of modulation was more warm in winter and thick. As a thin and light experts, Asus 90-NIL1B2000 battery is among the slim body into a number of exclusive technology. The event, ASUS brings U / UL / UX series, a variety of hot models and spare no effort would be "thin" to in the end.

Dieyi design using lightweight, U series of forging a "light of light, a touch bloom" and slim, so you are always vibrant and attractive! As a representative of U series, UX30 embodies the 13.3-inch area of perfect blend of style and pragmatism, whole body thinnest at 6.8 millimeters, 19.6 millimeters thick at the ultimate temptation, the whole weight of 1.43 kilograms, but the light, to bring you the ultimate touch beyond imagination.

In addition, as a second-generation ULV thin and light notebooks epoch-making models, 70-nha2b2000 battery is thin and the perfect combination of powerful, in particular, is to take extreme thin line UL30VT, into the cool band in the 33 technical and 12-hour long endurance record at the same time, but also a fine reduction 322x232x14.8-24.6 mm, with 8-cell battery is only 1.7 kilograms of light carriage, so that you always Qingwu In an ideal edge.

Shocking video pinnacle entertainment

In her spare time, using books online game or enjoy the television dramas and movies, are nowadays the most popular choice for entertainment. Full range of entertainment in order to meet customers demanding, ASUS brings in a variety of the kinds of entertainment devices, including N series N60DP, N61Vn, N61Vg, N81Vp, N71Vg, M series, M60J, are currently the most popular models on sale.

Quite entertainment "king" style of the Asus 110-as009-10-0 battery , not only has the appearance of high light-sensitive metal wire drawing design, science and technology Blu-ray version of Magic Touch, etc., the trend of design elements, further with 16:9 golden ratio 16-inch screen, Intel's latest quad-core processor i7 720QM, 1GB DDR3 large memory, 200 mega pixel cameras, equipment, the perfect interpretation of its Heiner 100 "entertainment" extraordinary courage. N Series models are also no less, with sharp Eagle Eye design N61Vn, N61Vg, N71Vg, drawn and raw "wood plane" N60DP, atmospheric noble N71Vg, carrying ASUS exclusive "master of bel canto," the standard design + SRS Sound reduction technology + Altec Lansing 2.1-channel professional speaker, efficient and so independent NVIDIA GeForce GT 220M graphics chip, in order to bring you unprecedented audio-visual feast.

Even more pleasant surprise is that, ASUS vendors a special surprise gift, purchase N60/N61/N71/N80/N81/M60 series of notebook computers in any of a, the user will receive a deluxe board chassis.

A new model for the mainstream standard

The crystal snowflakes swirling outside the window at the corner of the white girls scarf, knit a beautiful and romantic and festive atmosphere. In the white fairy tale world, choose a design of outstanding performance, the notebook may well be a strong fashion Daren necessary equipment.

Invincible Armor has a "jazz" F83, Asus A22-P701 battery with a strong performance advantage and a variety of caring applied technology, so that you always put into the work with confidence; to as an "angel wing" design inspiration F6Ve, for your steady flow injection spiritual touch, "angel"-like care at any time to accompany you around; printed using the latest membrane switch technology, X88Vf, two-color gradient in the gradient revealed Addict corrugated texture, Xilian elegant; F81Se appearance of the Infusion the design, not only solid abrasion, but also gives users a remarkable experience; as a new paradigm of multi-process aesthetic, X88Vf not only has the keyboard back, waterproof membrane and bending the edge of the design, but also to bring superior 3D performance, comprehensive help you every outstanding performance; X8AIN matching black exterior, quietly elegant and refined to emphasize the user's unusual taste; as the only camp of the mainstream of a large-screen commercial Fan, X66IC has a 16:9 golden ratio 16.0 inches magnificent wide-screen for the user to bring extraordinary visual shock.

In order to fully give it intimate care, regardless of purchase F6/F81/F83/X8AIN/X66/X88 series of notebook computers in which a user can receive a New Year's intimate set of large Li Bao (containing fresh sealed boxes, portable sealed cup , photo frame mouse mat, admission bag, keyboard brush, anti-static cleaning spray each one application).

It can be said, in the romantic holiday pleasure, the Asus notebooks Fun FUN entertainment features, the application of extraordinary excellence and freshness of a bright picture of the framework of a gorgeous colorful, pull the large crowd scene of Cai Juan. Making my mind wander in a happy cloud of passion to embrace the best holiday gift!